Insights from G2’s Summer 2022 Reports

June 30, 2022

Every three months, G2 releases our quarterly reports, ranking the 100,000+ software sellers and products listed on across a number of different categories based on various factors. You may be familiar with the G2-branded badges dominating your social media feed when software companies promote their rankings. Those are based precisely on these reports, of which there are three different types: Grid® , Index, and Momentum.

For context, Grid® Reports offer a high-level overview of a category on G2, including which products have the most satisfied customers (based on 1.7M+ authentic, verified peer reviews) as well as the largest presence in the market. Index Reports take a deeper dive into what matters most to buyers: product usability, implementation, relationship, and results. And, Momentum Reports shine a light on which products are innovating and growing.

Last week, we published the G2 Summer 2022 Reports8,455 different reports featuring 12,335 products across 893 categories. While those reports get into the nitty gritty of software rankings and are helpful to inform purchasing decisions, we wanted to take a step back and examine the broader insights and trends these reports point to. Here’s what we saw…

Some products are pretty popular.
Hats off to those software vendors whose products show up not just once, but in multiple reports. And as you can see below, we’re not just talking about a handful.

Products included in the most reports:

*Represents number of reports each product is featured in

There are many winners, but only some win the most.
Based on G2 scoring, the top 10 software sellers (defined as vendors with more than one product) and products across all categories and company segments are:

Top software sellers by G2 score:

  1. Malwarebytes: 88.5*
  2. HubSpot: 87.5
  3. Zoom Video Communications: 87.1
  4. KnowBe4, Inc.: 86.4
  5. Amplitude: 86.2
  6. GitHub: 84.3
  7. TechSmith: 84.2
  8. Asana: 83.1
  9. Shopify: 83.0
  10. Zendesk: 82.8

*Represents seller’s G2 score

Top software products by G2 score:

*Represents product’s G2 score

And speaking of being #1, since there are so many different types of G2 reports and rankings, we looked at which sellers and products had the most #1 rankings, also based on G2 scoring. And they are:

Sellers with most #1 rankings:

*Represents number of #1 seller rankings

Products with most #1 rankings:

*Represents number of #1 product rankings

It’s not just about being on top; continuous improvement matters too.
We know customers’ needs, preferences, and opinions can change overnight, so it’s important to pay attention to deliver the best product and experience possible and adapt when needed. Many software sellers agree and have made major strides to do just that. Here’s a shout-out to them – the most improved products on G2 – those which saw the biggest increase in rankings over the past quarter.

Most improved products:

Most improved #1 ranked products:

  1. Salesforce Field Service (#38 to #1 in Field Service Management)
  2. Trend Micro Cloud One (#37 to #1 in Cloud Security)
  3. Udemy Business (#13 to #1 in Course Authoring)
  4. Teamcenter (#12 to #1 in PLM)
  5. Badger Maps (#8 to #1 in Field Sales)
  6. IBM WebSphere Hybrid Edition (#8 to #1 in Application Server)
  7. Teamcenter (#7 to #1 in Product Data Management)
  8. Cornerstone Learning (#6 to #1 in Healthcare LMS)
  9. IBM Cloud Data Management (#6 to #1 Data Management Platforms)
  10. Teachmint (#6 to #1 in School Management)

New software categories continue to emerge.

The software landscape is always evolving, with new innovations, companies, and trends cropping up. Over the past quarter alone, 11 new software categories were introduced to While not all will have reports ready just yet as they collect more vendors and reviews, the G2 research team will monitor these for growth, in addition to other new categories on the radar to consider.

New software categories:

  • Video Communications – Defined as software that facilitates asynchronous communication through video, this category has the most reviews (2,746) of all the new categories added to G2 this quarter.
  • Social Commerce Platforms – Helping companies improve online sales by using social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, this type of software allows sellers to connect and engage with buyers and influencers through social media.
  • Box Office – End-to-end event management solutions in this category facilitate ticketing, sales, and attendee list management for live events. Of all 11 new categories, Box Office features the highest amount of products on its grid, at 11 so far.
  • Wide Column Database – Wide column databases are NoSQL databases that store data in tables, rows, and columns and are used for transactional workflows.
  • Pay Equity – Pay equity software identifies, analyzes, and creates action plans to address employee pay gaps. These solutions focus on measuring salary disparities based on employees’ protected identities, such as race, ethnicity, gender, age, disability, or education level.
  • Loan Pricing – Helping lenders price loans, these software solutions provide intelligence on pricing information in the market and generate competitive loan prices.
  • Medical Spa – Medical spa software manages administrative and clinical business functions for specialized spas providing medical procedures and elective cosmetic and aesthetic procedures.
  • NFT Platforms – Solutions in this category utilize blockchain technology to turn any form of digital media into NFTs, including images, designs, videos, and music – while also allowing for the sale and distribution of NFTs.
  • Legal Transaction Management – As legal transactions can involve dozens of people and thousands of documents across multiple organizations, these software solutions act as the central repository and source of truth for all documents related to a particular transaction.
  • Identity Theft Detection & Response – Used by information security teams, ITDR software detects identity-related threats and vulnerabilities, such as credential misuse and abuse, unapproved entitlements and privilege escalations, and other identity-related threats.
  • IP Address Intelligence – These tools are used to de-anonymize B2B and B2C web traffic, helping companies establish new business opportunities, uncover market trends, forestall cyber threats, and enhance marketing campaigns.

Once again, we’d like to congratulate all the software companies and products included in our Summer 2022 reports. If you weren’t featured this round, or weren’t where you wanted to be, we hope to see you in September for the Fall Reports – where we’ll again be taking a look at the overall trends and seeing what’s new.

Insights from G2’s Summer 2022 Reports Every quarter, G2 releases its quarterly reports, ranking software sellers and products across categories based on various factors. You may be familiar with the G2-branded badges dominating your social media feed when software companies promote their rankings. Those are based precisely on these reports, of which there are three different types: Grid® , Index, and Momentum.
Palmer Houchins Palmer Houchins is the VP, Head of Marketing at G2. He previously served as a senior marketing leader and G2 customer at Mailchimp (acquired by Intuit) and CallRail ($125M+ in funding).