G2 & Salesloft Transform Buyer Intent Signals into Next Best Actions for AI-Powered Sales Workflows that Drive Revenue

August 15, 2023

Buyer intent data can be a secret weapon for Sales, BDR, and CSM teams. It helps retire the need for a spray and pray approach to prospect and customer engagement, by revealing who is actually in-market for your solution at any given moment. However, too many signals and a lack of clarity on how to action them all can cause sellers to get overwhelmed.

To address this issue head-on, we’re proud to expand our partnership with revenue workflow platform, Salesloft. Sales teams embracing this partnership will be able to tap into Salesloft’s new AI-powered “signal-to-action” engine Rhythm, and be equipped with recommended next best actions for sales engagement based on buyer intent signals detected on G2.com from the 80+ million buyers using our platform this year. 

G2 & Salesloft Rhythm use AI to maximize sales efficiency & revenue 

The integration expands the sales playbook catalog to include effective, custom sales plays that are designed to meet every company showing intent where they are in the buying journey.  Whether a prospect is looking at your G2 profile, comparing you head-to-head with your competitors, or looking at alternatives to your product, sales teams can now create personalized, effective engagement that converts and saves at-risk customers from churning. 

Salesloft’s AI engine is the first of its kind that ingests G2 Buyer Intent signals, layers it with other meaningful signals from third-party data sources, and surfaces a task with an appropriate level of urgency — transforming buyer behavior and purchase intent signals into action. 

As Salesloft Rhythm’s AI model continues to learn, suggestions at every touchpoint in the sales process help sellers capitalize on revenue opportunities sooner, leading to sales velocity and higher win rates. Ultimately, every recommendation will advance progress towards revenue outcomes with efficiency with automated workflows. 

Four ways sales teams can boost productivity with G2 & Salesloft

While the expanded G2 and Salesloft integration provides a range of benefits that can help drive seller productivity, there are a few I’m most excited about. Sales professionals will now be able to:

  • Identify revenue opportunities sooner (and close them faster). Over 80M people visit G2  to search for and research software every year, many with the intent to make a purchase in the next 4 months or less. Access to these urgent to action intent behaviors empowers sellers to meet buyers with the right message for where they are in their journey.
  • Cut through signal noise and improve focus. Modern selling is complex, requiring the influence of large buying committees, and signals coming in from numerous apps can cause distraction. Together, G2 and Salesloft remove confusion and noise around Buyer Intent, bringing all of the relevant signals into a single place, guiding sellers from prospecting through to closing.
  • Prioritize actions that produce revenue. Whether a prospect compares two products head-to-head or a customer looks at product alternatives, every front-line team can create custom, automated plays that might win (or save) a deal.
  • Spend more time selling, with fewer disjointed workflows. From sending automated emails, dialing calls, completing tasks, making LinkedIn connections, projecting attainment, and more, sellers can keep everything accessible in a single platform and focus on what matters most: building relationships to drive and retain revenue.

Optimize sales workflows today for more closed deals tomorrow

The legacy approach to sales systems and processes has changed drastically with the power of AI and technology. Your sales engagement should be warm and informed, every time – increasing opportunities for acquisition, expansion, and renewal — while mitigating churn. For users of G2 Buyer Intent and Salesloft, the seconds it takes to activate this integration will immediately optimize your approach to focus on the right actions that drive predictable pipeline and revenue. 

Sign up for the G2 and Salesloft integration today and start identifying revenue opportunities sooner, and closing them faster. Learn how to get the most out of our integrations by checking out G2 Integrations for Sales Engagement here.

G2 & Salesloft Transform Buyer Intent Signals into Next Best Actions for AI-Powered Sales Workflows that Drive Revenue The G2 and Salesloft integration gives sales teams actions from G2 Buyer Intent data in Salesloft’s new AI for sales “signal-to-action” engine, Rhythm. Users of the integration receive recommended next best actions for sales engagement based on buying intent signals detected on G2. https://learn.g2.com/hubfs/Integration-SalesloftRhythm-BlogFeaturedImage@2x.png
Mike Weir Mike Weir is G2’s former Chief Revenue Officer and current advisor. Before G2, Mike spent eight years at LinkedIn, where he shaped Go-To-Market strategy and customer support for the Technology vertical, which helped LinkedIn Marketing Solutions become an industry-leading partner to the tech industry. Before LinkedIn, Mike led Marketing teams at technology companies which provides him a unique perspective as a Marketing & Sales Executive with 20 years in the technology industry. He is passionate about advancing the tech industry’s ROI measurement to show business impact and is a champion of driving Marketing & Sales alignment. https://learn.g2.com/hubfs/g2-leadership-csuite-mike-weir.png