G2 Spring 2023 Reports: Enterprise Vendors Dominate Top Ranked Software Companies

April 5, 2023

Spring has sprung which means at G2, our Spring 2023 Reports are now live. If you haven’t checked them out yet, log in to My.G2.com to see for yourself. This season, we produced 12,873 reports featuring 15,020 total products across 1,011 categories.

While G2 reports feature software companies across all segments – small business, mid-market, and enterprise businesses – it’s the enterprises like HubSpot, Microsoft, Google, and UiPath that dominate when we look at the top ranked vendors overall. Notably, across all G2 Spring 2023 reports, enterprise vendors sweep the top 10 spots for software companies with the highest G2 scores and most #1 rankings. Clearly, G2 is a growing home for enterprise software.

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Read on for additional highlights – including the software companies and products that show up most often in these reports, which rank the highest and improved the most, as well which categories emerged and grew over the last quarter.

Software Companies and Products on G2 with the Most Spring 2023 Reports

The 10 companies featured in the most G2 reports remain consistent again this quarter. Microsoft also retained its #1 spot, featured in an additional 177 reports this time around for a total of 2,394 reports.

Companies with Most Reports # of Reports
1. Microsoft 2,394
2. Google 1,632
3. Zoho Corporation 1,631
4. Oracle 1,554
5. Salesforce 1,282
6. IBM 1,271
7. Adobe 1,212
8. SAP 1,183
9. AWS 1,101
10. HubSpot 960

The products appearing in the most reports also mostly maintain their stronghold, with ClickUp keeping its reputation as the product with the most G2 quarterly reports (appearing in 17 additional reports this season). Another update to note is that Datadog has emerged as a new entrant to the top 10.

Products with Most Reports # of Reports
1. ClickUp 598
2. Semrush 440
3. monday.com 378
4. Google Workspace 349
5. ZoomInfo SalesOS 338
6. HubSpot Sales Hub 338
7. Act-On 301
8. Wrike 293
9. SAP SuccessFactors 289
10. Datadog 287

Companies & Products With Most #1 Rankings and Highest G2 Scores

We already know which companies and products were most popular in our Spring 2023 reports – but which performed the best? Here, we’ll dive into which secured the most #1 rankings and highest G2 scores.

On the vendor side, HubSpot again saw the most #1 report rankings – with the top five holding onto their spots. There were a few placement swaps and GitHub joined the top 10, with 115 #1 report rankings this quarter.

Companies with the Most #1 Rankings Number of #1 Rankings
1. HubSpot 307
2. Microsoft 298
3. Google 225
4. monday.com 128
5. Zoom Video Communications 116
6. AWS 115
7. GitHub 115
8. Zoho Corporation 101
9. IBM 93
10. SAP 73

On the product front, HubSpot continues to dominate, with its Marketing Hub and Sales Hub seeing the most #1 rankings in G2 Spring reports, while Glassbox and Birdeye join as new entrants to the top 10.

Products with the Most #1 Rankings Number of #1 Rankings
1. HubSpot Marketing Hub 131
2. HubSpot Sales Hub 122
3. monday.com 121
4. GitHub 114
5. Zoom 112
6. Insider 110
7. Glassbox 101
8. Rippling 94
9. Quixy 89
10. Birdeye 79

Let’s also take a look at who ranked best according to G2 score. For background, G2’s research scoring methodologies are based on reviews gathered from our user community, as well as data aggregated from online sources and social networks. We apply a unique algorithm to this data to calculate the customer Satisfaction and Market Presence scores in real time.

UiPath continues to be the company with the highest G2 score as the only vendor with 2+ products coming in over 90. We welcome Instacart, WeTransfer, and Sprout Social to the mix this time on our top 10 software companies by G2 score.

Top Companies by G2 Score G2 Score
1. UiPath 92.9
2. HubSpot 88.6
3. KnowBe4, Inc. 88.2
4. GitHub 87.6
5. Instacart 87.1
6. Shopify 86.7
7. Malwarebytes 85.6
8. TechSmith 84.9
9. WeTransfer 84.5
10. Sprout Social 84.4

We see quite a bit of shake-up when it comes to the products with the highest G2 scores. There is tight competition with the top 10 all scoring between 97 - 98. Adobe Illustrator moved from 5th place into the 1st spot this quarter and Microsoft Teams entered the top 10, while many other products shifted rank order.

Top Products by G2 Score G2 Score
1. Adobe Illustrator 98.24
2. Microsoft Word 98.19
3. Adobe Photoshop 98.8
4. Windows 10 98.14
5. Dropbox 97.99
6. Microsoft PowerPoint 97.89
7. Zoom 97.82
8. Behance 97.66
9. Microsoft Teams 97.66
10. Azure Portal 97.65

The Most Improved Products This Season

Over the past quarter, many products improved their rankings. Let’s give a shout out to the top 10 making the most drastic improvements, especially to Key Survey: the #1 most improved product across all of G2’s reports.

Most Improved Products
1. Key Survey
2. Sugar Sell (formerly SugarCRM)
3. Outlook Customer Manager
4. Unlimited Conferencing
5. Microsoft Defender for Cloud
6. Rocket.Chat
8. HighLevel
9. Apptio Targetprocess
10. iTeach/WebRoom

Some products even improved so much they moved into #1 ranked spots. The greatest improvements are outlined below – with Wiz making significant jumps in at least four different categories, notably from 32nd to first in Cloud Security. And due to some ties, we couldn’t keep this list to just a top 10 either.

Most Improved #1 Ranked Products Category Rank Change
1. Wiz From 32nd to 1st in Cloud Security
2. Wiz From 16th to 1st in Vulnerability Scanner
3. Google Cloud Speech-to-Text From 15th to 1st in Voice Recognition
4. Tableau From 11th to 1st in Analytics Platforms
5. Wiz From 11th to 1st in Cloud Compliance
6. Relias Learning Management System (LMS) From 10th to 1st in Healthcare Learning Management
7. Google Cloud Run From 9th to 1 st in Container Orchestration
8. Rhombus From 6th to 1st in Physical Security
9. Salesforce Sales Cloud From 5th to 1st in Lead Scoring
10. Submittable From 5th to 1st in Scholarship Management
11. Veeam Backup for AWS From 5th to 1st in Database Backup
12. Wiz From 5th to 1st in Cloud Security Monitoring & Analytics

The Categories Growing and Emerging on G2

At G2, we have the largest dataset available on B2B software. 80 million people visit the G2 software marketplace annually, which features over 2 million reviews on 150,000+ products and services across 2,100 different categories.

After reviewing the software companies and products that stood out across our thousands of Spring 2023 reports, we’ll now dive into which categories emerged and grew the most over the past quarter.

Cloud Security saw the most growth, with 15 products joining the category. Additionally, Employee Engagement made the list for the second quarter in a row as it continues to experience consistent growth (with 21 products added over the last two quarters!). You might notice we couldn’t cap this list just at 10 either, since there were so many ties with multiple categories growing by 10 or 11 products.

Categories with Most Product Growth # of Products Added This Quarter
1. Cloud Security 15
2. Time Tracking 14
3. CAD 12
4. Employee Engagement 11
5. System Security 11
6. Website Builder 11
7. CRM 10
8. Digital Analytics 10
9. Onboarding 10
10. Lead Capture 10
11. Business Process Management 10
12. AI Sales Assistant 10

Impressively, there were 28 new categories added to G2 over the last quarter, compared to 15 the prior quarter! Our software marketplace just continues to expand, and we look forward to seeing all these categories mature as they collect more products and reviews. Check them out all out below – where you’ll find everything from Digital Business Cards to Pet Grooming software!

New Software Categories Added to G2
Wireless Expense Management — facilitates verifying, rectifying, and recovering expenses associated with an organization’s mobile devices, such as smartphones, tablets, wearables, and other devices that use wireless telecommunication networks.
Hybrid Enablement — helps businesses streamline hybrid workplace processes, such as scheduling and team coordination.
Regulatory Information Management (RIM) Systems — provide a centralized record of regulatory documents and activities throughout the product development lifecycle for pharmaceutical and medtech companies.
Channel Incentives Management (CIM) — allows businesses and channel program managers to better organize and manage their partners and incentivize them to sell more or prioritize certain offerings.
Infrastructure Asset Management — helps companies from industries like the public sector, utilities, and transportation manage infrastructure assets such as roads, bridges, water treatment plants, or power lines
Colocation Hosting — a type of web hosting service where private servers are hosted in a third-party data center facility.
Reseller Hosting — a type of web hosting service where the hosting provider allows an organization to purchase or lease hosting packages in bulk and then sell those to their clients.
Dedicated Hosting — (also known as a dedicated server) type of web hosting in which the provider offers one or more dedicated servers with resources dedicated to a single client.
Shared Hosting — type of web hosting service where a single physical web server is used to host multiple websites.
Newsroom Management Systems — these solutions help newsroom staff manage the full workflow of news production and broadcasting, from pre-production to post-production.
Tax Credit Providers — companies that assist other businesses with maximizing government incentives and tax credits, such as research and development (R&D), employee retention credits (ERC), and work opportunity tax credits (WOTC).
Digital Business Card — enables professionals to share contact information and connect digitally with customers, partners and prospects.
Logistics Intelligence — helps supply chain professionals make better business decisions by mining data from APIs, third-party research providers, and end-users to optimize shipping, contract management, spending, and visibility.
Email Backup — creates copies of email files to prevent data loss.
Auto Scaling — dynamically allocates or deallocates computing resources based on an application’s requirement.
Online Newsroom — provides companies with a branded web page to host and publish news or media through a single platform.
Demo Automation — used in presales processes to automate the creation of product demonstrations.
PreSales Management — enables organizations to manage/capture presales activities and employees more effectively.
Pet Grooming — specialized business management products for pet salon and mobile grooming businesses.
Data as a Service (DaaS) — a collection of various tools that use cloud-based networks and work to manage data.
Church Website Builder — allows church administrators to create a website for their church or church community without needing extensive knowledge on how to build a website.
Other Religious Institutions — intended for products that cannot be categorized in the Church software category.
Cloud Detection and Response (CDR) — provides companies with complete visibility into their cloud environments and has response mechanisms to handle threats and attacks across their cloud applications (SaaS) and infrastructure (IaaS).
Cloud-Native Application Protection Platform (CNAPP) — secures the development cycle of cloud-native applications from the earliest stages of application development up to the production environment.
Title Production — centralizes the settlement and property closing process of obtaining a clear title, helping maintain all the details involved in a real estate transaction.
Multi-Location Marketing Platforms — software solutions that enable brick-and-mortar businesses to centralize and manage location data and brand reputation within a single platform.
Synthetic Media — used to create a range of different video, audio, images, and text fully or partially generated by artificial intelligence (AI).
Load Board — (also known as freight matching software) used by carriers, brokers, and shippers to match shippers’ loads with freight carriers for cross-country transportation.

Congrats to all those recognized in our Spring 2023 reports. Share your badges proudly on social media and stay tuned for next season’s reports coming in June.

G2 Spring 2023 Reports: Enterprise Vendors Dominate Top Ranked Software Companies G2’s Spring 2023 Reports are now live, available on My.G2.com. Read about the top companies, products, and categories across 12,873 reports featuring 15,020 total software products across 974 categories. Notably, enterprise vendors dominate when it comes to highest ranked software companies overall. https://learn.g2.com/hubfs/2023%20-%20spring%20-%20Reports%20Blog%20-%20Featured%20Image.png
Palmer Houchins Palmer Houchins is the VP, Head of Marketing at G2. He previously served as a senior marketing leader and G2 customer at Mailchimp (acquired by Intuit) and CallRail ($125M+ in funding). https://learn.g2.com/hubfs/g2-leadership-palmer-houchins@2x.png https://www.linkedin.com/in/palmerhouchins