G2 + Gong Integration Powers Personalized Sales Outreach to Accelerate Pipeline

November 7, 2023

If you’re a B2B sales pro, it’s likely you’re familiar with revenue intelligence platform Gong. With the need to help reps efficiently create and accelerate pipeline, the company introduced Gong Engage in June of this year, an AI-driven sales engagement solution. 

And today, we’re proud to announce G2’s integration with Gong, which empowers sales teams to personalize their account-based outreach to craft a winning sales formula. This is made possible by G2 Buyer Intent data, which surfaces crucial account intelligence including the research, engagement, and buying patterns taking place on G2’s software marketplace. 

This insight is aligned to account activity timelines alongside other sales touchpoints in Gong, to power targeted and personalized guidance for sales reps and managers. Armed with buyer behavior and purchase intent signals for specific products and category solutions, sales teams can now capitalize on revenue opportunities as soon as they’re detectable.

The impact of accessing G2 Buyer Intent insights directly within the Gong platform

With this integration, G2 and Gong customers with access to Gong Deals and/or Engage can:

  • Identify low-hanging fruit revenue opportunities. 80 million people visit G2 each year to discover tools and solutions to make informed purchases for their business. The timeline of intent behaviors in Gong includes the products and categories of buyer interest, giving integration users necessary context to contact buyers during their active purchase journey.
  • Build highly engaging, targeted account outreach. Personalize interactions with account intelligence data that reimagines the traditional sales process. G2 Intent signals combined with other account touchpoints give a comprehensive view of the accounts in pipeline and the recommended contacts to reach out to. 
  • Centralize team workflows and improve team attainment. Sales managers and leaders can guide reps’ attention to the deal insights that matter most. Whether accounts are engaging with specific products, categories, or competitors on G2, they can make recommendations to increase participation of active pipeline throughout the sales cycle. Managers can direct their teams to act ASAP and guide them to the deals with the highest likelihood to close.
  • Improve sales efficiency and escalate sales cycles. Gong’s AI-driven automation and guidance navigates every deal through its unique and complex cycle. Increase reps' productivity with prioritized deals in Engage based on those in-market on G2. Let Gong do the heavy lifting and put sellers in the position to win more deals, faster.
How to get started with Gong + G2 today for a winning sales formula

All of the benefits outlined above are within reach, if you tap into this new integration. For active G2 and Gong customers, admins of both systems can activate this integration at my.G2.com. Not a G2 customer yet? Talk to a rep today to get access to this integration. Not a Gong customer yet? Get in touch with someone at Gong to schedule a demo. 

Prepare to start identifying all the accounts showing purchase intent for your products and competitors on G2 to identify and accelerate pipeline. For access to these invaluable insights in your entire technology stack, visit our website to learn more about how G2 can support your sales goals.

G2 + Gong Integration Powers Personalized Sales Outreach to Accelerate Pipeline G2 announces an integration with Gong, empowering sales teams to personalize their account-based outreach to craft a winning sales formula. With this integration, G2 Buyer Intent surfaces crucial account intelligence to power targeted and personalized guidance directly within Gong. https://learn.g2.com/hubfs/gong-integration-featured.png
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