Summer 2024 Reports: 7% of All Products & Services on G2 Recognized as Leaders or High Performers

July 3, 2024

Summer has arrived and so have our G2 Summer 2024 Reports!  The world of B2B software and services moves fast, so in addition to our real-time category Grids on, we also publish quarterly Market Reports, detailing the latest and greatest rankings. 

With a quick log-in to, you can dive into nearly 23,000 reports – filtering by category (1,200+ of them!), company segment, and geographic region, across eight different report types –  to find precisely what you’re looking for. 

Across these thousands of reports, 11% of all vendors on G2 are represented, with just 7% of all products and services achieving a “Leader” or “High Performer” badge! This recognition is well-earned, rooted in the authentic voice of real customers (using G2’s unique scoring methodology). 

Now, let’s take a look at what’s behind these numbers — which vendors and products won big, saw the greatest improvement, and other trends observed over the past quarter. 

Software Companies & Products on G2 with the Most Reports

The top 10 companies with the most reports remain mostly consistent from last season, with Salesforce and IBM inching up two spots and Cisco cracking the top 10. Microsoft continues to lead as enterprises dominate this list. 

Companies with Most Reports

# of Reports

  1. Microsoft


  1. Salesforce


  1. Google


  1. Zoho Corporation


  1. IBM


  1. Oracle


  1. SAP


  1. Adobe


  1. AWS


  1. Cisco


In checking out the top 10 products with the most G2 reports, ClickUp held onto the #1 spot, appearing in 1,350 reports this season! Zoom Workplace and ActiveCampaign, in 4th and 5th respectively, were new entrants to this list for Summer 2024. 

Products with Most Reports

#of Reports

  1. ClickUp




  1. Semrush


  1. Zoom Workplace


  1. ActiveCampaign 


  1. Google Workspace


  1. HubSpot Sales Hub




  1. ZoomInfo SalesOS


  1. Wrike


Companies & Products With Most #1 Rankings and Highest G2 Scores

Now, let’s see who secured the most #1 report rankings and highest G2 scores. On the vendor side, most maintained their inclusion in the top 10, with GitHub joining as a new addition this season. 

Companies with the Most #1 Rankings

  Number of #1 Rankings

  1. Google


  1. Microsoft


  1. Salesforce 


  1. HubSpot


  1. Zoom Video Communications




  1. AWS


  1. Zoho Corporation


  1. GitHub


  1. Adobe

154 retained its top spot as the product with the most #1 report rankings, while Canva joined the list just cracking the top 10. 

Products with the Most #1 Rankings

  Number of #1 Rankings



  1. HubSpot Marketing Hub


  1. Google Workspace


  1. Salesforce Sales Cloud


  1. Zoom Workplace


  1. Insider


  1. Glassbox


  1. NinjaOne


  1. HubSpot Sales Hub


  1. Canva


Let’s now take a look at top performances by G2 Score, which is a score based on reviews gathered from our user community, as well as data aggregated from online sources and social networks. We apply a unique algorithm to this data to calculate the customer Satisfaction and Market Presence scores in real-time.

Instacart holds onto its claim as the company achieving the highest G2 Score and still as the only vendor over 90, while Zoom and KnowBe4 join the top 10 this season. 

Top Companies by G2 Score

G2 Score

  1. Instacart


  1. Sprout Social


  1. HubSpot


  1. Asana


  1. Zoom Video Communications


  1. Clio


  1. Figma


  1. Instructure


  1. MongoDB


  1. KnowB4, Inc. 


Relias Platform should be commended for earning its place as the product with highest G2 Score. Kudos also goes to Western Computer, which joined the ranks in 7th. 

Top Products by G2 Score

G2 Score

  1. Relias Platform


  1. Visual Studio Code


  1. ProConnect Tax


  1. Grammarly


  1. Microsoft SharePoint


  1. Microsoft Teams


  1. Wester Computer


  1. Google Meet


  1. Adobe Photoshop


  1. Salesforce Customer Success


The Most Improved Products This Season

In addition to celebrating those with top performances, we also like to praise those improving most over the past quarter. Adobe Connect earns the recognition as “most improved product,” jumping 146 spots in the Video Conferencing Category.

Most Improved Products 

  1. Adobe Connect
  1. Check Point CloudGuard Network Security
  1. Surveyapp - Smiley Feedback Surveys and Kiosk
  1. CareerPlug
  1. Calabrio ONE
  1. eSputnik
  1. Cato SASE Cloud
  1. Cyrano Systems
  1. IBM Security Guardium
  1. Matilda Workspace 

Several products experienced enough strong growth over the past three months to move them into the #1 spot in their category. Let's look at those with the most improved #1 ranked products. Spreadsheet Serve by insightsoftware saw the largest leap – increasing 11 spots in the Email Verification category!

Most Improved #1 Ranked Products 

Category Rank Change

  1. Spreadsheet Server by insightsoftware

From 12th to 1st in Email Verification

  1. Morningstar Direct

From 10th to 1st in Financial Research


From 8th to 1st in Mobile Data Security

  1. Diligent Boards

From 7th to 1st in Board Management 

  1. Endpoint Protector by CoSoSys

From 7th to 1st in Data Loss Prevention

  1. IBM Planning Analytics

From 7th to 1st in Demand Planning

  1. MirrAR

From 7th to 1st in AR Visualization

  1. WOW24-7

From 7th to 1st in Contact Center Outsourcing 

  1. Wishpond

From 7th to 1st in Sweepstakes

  1. memoryBlue

From 7th to 1st in Lead Generation Services

The Categories Growing and Emerging on G2

While 1,227 categories are represented in G2’s Summer 2024 reports, our marketplace features even more – over 2,000 categories! And our Market Research team takes pride in ensuring these categories are up to date, so our marketplace is a true reflection of what’s happening in software.

So, separate from the report leaders we’ve already discussed to this point, let’s pause to take a moment and explore category trends over the past quarter. This is something you can also peruse our State of Software report series for — as we’ve been examining which categories experienced the most growth in terms of new products added (in addition to lots of other trends across the software landscape). 

With that said, let’s dive in to see what categories on G2 saw the most product growth since Spring 2042 Reports! Synthetic Media continued to hold at #1 for the third quarter in a row, adding the most products yet again (33!). Beyond Synthetic Media, other AI categories are growing rapidly, like AI Chatbots and AI Writing Assistants, indicating the AI innovation wave will continue. We also see more traditional and vertical categories like Email Marketing and Construction Management grow. It’s clear the SaaS landscape is ever-evolving and expanding!

Categories with Most Product Growth 

# of Products Added This Quarter

  1. Synthetic Media


  1. Construction Management


  1. AI Chatbots


  1. Live Chat


  1. Cloud Security


  1. AI Writing Assistants


  1. Enterprise Social Networking 


  1. Email Marketing


  1. Customer Self-Service


  1. Knowledge Management


  1. AI Sales Assistant


  1. No-code Development Platforms 


Since the release of our last report, G2 introduced 15 new categories, including several in the services space — like Sage Resellers, Oracle Resellers, and DataRobot Consulting Services. 

These new categories represent emerging areas where there are now enough products or services to deem a brand new category on G2. However, it’s worth noting that it typically takes time for new categories to mature to a point where they feature their own live Grids and quarterly reports. 

New Categories Added to G2

  • Sage Resellers - Sage resellers work with Sage Software to resell its products and services, often providing customizations specific to each buyer.
  • Oracle Resellers - Oracle resellers work with Oracle to resell its products and services, often providing customizations specific to each buyer.
  • Label and Artwork Management - Manages the creation, approval, and governance of labels and packaging artwork across multiple industries. 
  • Voice Dubbing - Facilitates the process of dubbing, where the source language of a video is translated and then spoken in another language.
  • Partnerships Management - Includes areas like Channel Incentives Management (CIM), Cloud GTM Platforms, Partner Ecosystem Platforms, Partner Relationship Management (PRM), and Through-Channel Marketing software.
  • Court Reporting Services - Ensure reliable and unbiased transcription of legal proceedings. 
  • Deduction Management - Help businesses manage disputes and deductions. These deductions include rebates, discounts, returns, or other changes made to invoices or payments.
  • Cloud PBX Platforms - Cloud private branch exchange (PBX) platforms provide businesses with reliable and secure phone systems through a cloud server. 
  • DataRobot Consulting Services - Specialize in implementing and optimizing DataRobot, a data science and machine learning platform.
  • Contact Center Payments - Allow contact centers to process multiple forms of payment processes, such as credit card, ACH, and wire transfer, during a customer support interaction.
  • Markup Software - Lets users annotate digital documents and images without altering the original content. It is commonly used by designers, marketers, project managers, or anyone who gives or receives feedback digitally.
  • Compensation Planning - Designs equitable and merit-based salary structures for employees. 
  • Software Intelligence Platforms - Provide organizations and developers with a comprehensive understanding of their software architecture, code quality, and technical debt. 
  • Salary Benchmarking - Also known as Compensation Benchmarking Software, uses data analysis to recommend appropriate compensation for a particular position depending on its job title and description. 
  • Moving Company - Used by moving businesses to streamline and optimize various aspects of their business. 

Time to celebrate your win proudly 🥳

We’re only a day out since Summer 2024 Reports have launched and I’ve already seen the vendor celebrations going strong on LinkedIn. If you haven’t yet shared, please do! Don’t forget to check out our handy announcement templates to help. And, if you’re an EMEA-based vendor, you have until July 12th to enter our Summer 2024 Reports “Badge Bonanza” contest (more details on that here!)

See you next season for Fall 2024 Reports, released September 24th! To prepare in advance – upping your chances of qualifying for inclusion or increasing your ranking – learn more about our Reports here.

Summer 2024 Reports: 7% of All Products & Services on G2 Recognized as Leaders or High Performers G2’s Summer 2024 Reports are now live, available on Read about the top companies, products, and categories across 22,922 reports featuring 19,652 total software products & services across 1,227 categories. Less than 4% of software & services on G2 achieved a Leader recognition this quarter.
Palmer Houchins Palmer Houchins is the VP, Head of Marketing at G2. He previously served as a senior marketing leader and G2 customer at Mailchimp (acquired by Intuit) and CallRail ($125M+ in funding).