G2’s Spring 2024 Reports: 20k+ Reports Serve as a Guide for Software Buyers’ Unique Business Needs

April 4, 2024

A clear indicator that Spring has sprung: the release of G2’s 2024 Spring Reports, which are now available on my.G2.com. As our marketplace continues to expand, this latest edition of our quarterly Market Reports features more than 20,000 different reports – with more categories (1,193) and products (19,019) included than last season.


The depth and breadth of these reports underscores the point that G2 is the world’s largest software marketplace. The thousands of reports are sortable for your unique needs, meaning you can find a report based on a specific category, company segment, geographic region, and one of eight different report types (Grid® Report, Implementation Index, Relationship Index, Results Index, Usability Index, Momentum Grid® Report, Regional Grid® Report, Regional Satisfaction Index). 

When we zoom out from the high volume of reports this season, we see that just 10% of all vendors on G2 made their way into Spring reports, with less than 4% of all products on G2 earning a “Leader” recognition! What other trends were observed? Let’s take a look. 

Software Companies & Products on G2 with the Most Reports

The top 10 companies with the most reports this quarter remain consistent from Winter Reports, with just one swap in the order. One thing that’s clear is enterprise vendors consistently dominate their presence in G2’s quarterly reports. 

Companies with Most Reports

# of Reports

  1. Microsoft


  1. Google


  1. Zoho Corporation


  1. Salesforce


  1. Oracle


  1. SAP


  1. IBM


  1. Adobe


  1. AWS


  1. HubSpot


Similarly, the top 10 products with the most G2 reports remained mostly intact compared to Winter Reports. Notably, Salesforce Sales Cloud cracked the top 10 while Apollo.io – new to this list last season – jumped from 8th to 3rd place.

Products with Most Reports

#of Reports

  1. ClickUp


  1. monday.com


  1. Apollo.io 


  1. Semrush


  1. Google Workspace


  1. HubSpot Sales Hub


  1. ZoomInfo SalesOS


  1. Wrike


  1. Salesforce Sales Cloud


  1. Zendesk Support Suite


Companies & Products With Most #1 Rankings and Highest G2 Scores

Now, let’s examine which companies and products secured the most #1 report rankings and highest G2 scores for a sense of performance, not just inclusions in Spring 2024 Reports. 

On the vendor side, most maintained their presence in the top 10 with a few swaps since last quarter and one new addition: Cisco. Again, we see a strong showing from enterprise vendors when it comes to taking home #1 report rankings. 

Companies with the Most #1 Rankings

  Number of #1 Rankings

  1. Google


  1. Microsoft


  1. Salesforce 


  1. HubSpot


  1. monday.com


  1. AWS


  1. Zoho Corporation


  1. Zoom Video Communications


  1. Cisco


  1. Adobe


We see some products making moves when it comes to those with the most #1 rankings. monday.com climbed from 4th to 1st place on this top 10 list, while Salesforce Sales Cloud inched up one spot and Insider jumped 5 spots into 5th. 

Products with the Most #1 Rankings

  Number of #1 Rankings

  1. monday.com


  1. Salesforce Sales Cloud


  1. HubSpot Marketing Hub


  1. Google Workspace


  1. Insider


  1. Glassbox


  1. Zoom


  1. NinjaOne


  1. HubSpot Sales Hub


  1. ClickUp


We also examined performance by G2 Score, which is based on reviews gathered from our user community, as well as data aggregated from online sources and social networks. We apply a unique algorithm to this data to calculate the customer Satisfaction and Market Presence scores in real time.

Instacart holds onto its claim as the company achieving the highest G2 Score and the only vendor over 90. A number of other vendors received high marks this season too. Our overall #1 Best Software Awards product winner, Sprout Social, moved into the #2 spot here, while Instructure, Clio, Figma, Asana, and MongoDB joined the top 10 ranks. 

Top Companies by G2 Score

G2 Score

  1. Instacart


  1. Sprout Social


  1. HubSpot


  1. Instructure


  1. Clio


  1. Figma


  1. monday.com


  1. Asana


  1. TechSmith


  1. MongoDB


ProConnect Tax achieving the highest G2 Score (99) among all products this season is timely, as we approach “Tax Day” here in the U.S. Grammarly and Google Meet are new to the top 10 this quarter.

Top Products by G2 Score

G2 Score

  1. ProConnect Tax


  1. Relias Platform


  1. Grammarly


  1. Microsoft SharePoint


  1. Salesforce Customer Success


  1. Azure Portal


  1. Visual Studio Code


  1. Google Meet


  1. Adobe Photoshop


  1. Microsoft Teams


The Most Improved Products This Season

In addition to celebrating those with the highest performance, we also like to praise who improved most over the past quarter. Anymeeting Video Conferencing earns the recognition as “most improved product,” jumping a whopping 134 spots in the Video Conferencing Category.

Most Improved Products 

  1. Anymeeting Video Conferencing 
  1. Reward Gateway
  1. ConX
  1. Shindig
  1. Mastercam
  1. Watch and Learn
  1. Datamatics TruBI
  1. Retention Science 
  1. UKG Ready
  1. HCL Unica

A number of products experienced enough strong growth over the past three months to move them into the #1 spot in their category. When examining those with the most improved #1 ranked products, Bugcrowd saw the largest leap – increasing 20 spots in the Penetration Testing category!

Most Improved #1 Ranked Products 

Category Rank Change

  1. Bugcrowd

From 21st to 1st in Penetration Testing

  1. Dynatrace

From 11th 1st in ServiceNow Store Apps

  1. Morningstar Direct

From 11th to 1st in Investment Portfolio Management

  1. HighRadius

From 10th to 1st in Credit and Collections

  1. Mimecast Cloud Archive

From 10th to 1st in Email Archiving 

  1. Optimizely Web Experimentation

From 10th to 1st in A/B Testing

  1. Google Cloud Translation API

From 8th to 1st in Natural Language Generation

  1. HackerEarth Assessments

From 8th to 1st in Technical Skills Screening

  1. Benevity

From 7th to 1st in Corporate Volunteering Platform

  1. Cin7 Core

From 7th to 1st in Warehouse Management

The Categories Growing and Emerging on G2

As G2’s marketplace continues to evolve and grow, G2’s Market Research team maintains our vast taxonomy across more than 2,000 categories! So let’s see which categories experienced the most growth this past quarter, in terms of new products added. 

Synthetic Media continued to hold at #1, adding the most products yet again this past quarter. While we see AI remain as a theme when it comes to category growth (AI Writing Assistants and Chatbots, in addition to Synthetic Media), some more traditional categories like CRM and Cloud Security continue to grow as well. 

Categories with Most Product Growth 

# of Products Added This Quarter

  1. Synthetic Media


  1. Cloud Security


  1. AI Writing Assistants


  1. Business Intelligence


  1. Marketing Automation


  1. Rapid Application Development 


  1. Chatbots 


  1. CRM


  1. Data Visualization


  1. Email Management


Since the release of our last report, G2 introduced 14 new categories – from Employee Experience to Microsoft Resellers. G2 keeps up with market trends to ensure our marketplace is a true reflection of what’s actually happening in software and services. 

These new categories represent emerging areas where there are now enough products or services to deem a brand new category on G2. However, it’s worth noting that it typically takes time for new categories to mature to a point where they feature their own live Grids and quarterly reports. 

New Categories Added to G2

  • Microsoft Ecosystem Services – Includes Microsoft Consulting Services & Microsoft Resellers (also a new category!), which work with Microsoft to resell its products and services, often providing customizations specific to each buyer. 
  • Client-Side Protection – Help businesses protect their customers against end-user data exfiltration and shield websites from threats related to vulnerable source code. 
  • Value Selling Tools – Enable teams to quantify the business impact of a solution better & help ensure that the value is realized.
  • Software Bill of Materials (SBOM) – Solutions that generate, ingest, manage, and monitor a machine-readable inventory of the components within software supply chains.  
  • Employee Experience – Allows businesses to maintain, track, and improve how their employees feel about their position and experience in the organization.  
  • Carbon Accounting – Helps companies track carbon emissions and implement programs to reduce them through decarbonization.  
  • Digital Communications Governance – Refers to a comprehensive and structured set of tools and frameworks designed to facilitate corporate governance and compliance in organizations. 
  • Debt ManagementHelps businesses raise debt from institutional investors to fuel working capital, business operations, and re-lending and reinvesting endeavors while managing the debt for both parties. 
  • Digital Risk Protection (DRP) Platforms – A cybersecurity tool designed to safeguard an organization's digital assets from external threats beyond the confines of the organization's security perimeter.
  • Logo Design Tools – Simplified, template-based graphic design solutions that enable users to create visual symbols. 

The Road to Best Software 2025 has Commenced! 

As we officially close the page on G2 Spring 2024 Reports, I’m reminded that this is our first round of quarterly reports since we announced our Best Software Awards in February. 

As vendors prepare for the upcoming Summer 2024 Reports, they should think of these quarterly moments as an opportunity to remain relevant to buyers, and also as a stepping stone to something bigger. When it comes to reviews and scoring, recency matters. Just as I prefer the read the most recent reviews when researching a restaurant to dine at, software buyers want to see the latest feedback on the products and services they’re considering. 

With consistent high scores and recent user feedback, vendors increase their likelihood of achieving recognition in quarterly reports. In doing so, they are building toward a shot at being named to our annual Best Software Awards. As those awards reflect only data from the prior calendar year, the clock for our 2025 Awards has already started. 

If you’d like to learn more about how to maintain and build your performance this year on G2, reach out to your account team or try a demo to learn more.

G2’s Spring 2024 Reports: 20k+ Reports Serve as a Guide for Software Buyers’ Unique Business Needs G2’s Spring 2024 Reports are now live, available on My.G2.com. Read about the top companies, products, and categories across 21,754 reports featuring 19,019 total software products & services across 1,193 categories. Less than 4% of software & services on G2 achieved a Leader recognition this quarter. https://learn.g2.com/hubfs/SpringReports2024-BlogFeaturedImage-V2.png
Palmer Houchins Palmer Houchins is the VP, Head of Marketing at G2. He previously served as a senior marketing leader and G2 customer at Mailchimp (acquired by Intuit) and CallRail ($125M+ in funding). https://learn.g2.com/hubfs/g2-leadership-palmer-houchins@2x.png https://www.linkedin.com/in/palmerhouchins